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Thinking Styles

  • Understand how your thinking is revealed in your language and behaviour

  • Revolutionise your communication skills using simple yet powerful techniques

  • Develop rapport with your clients, your staff and your boss

The Thinking Styles profile identifies 26 ways of thinking. Each of these can be identified in the language we use and the behaviours we adopt.

Click below to see more information including a video featuring the author, Fiona Beddoes-Jones, giving a short introduction to Thinking Styles.

Watch the Video

Each dimension has:

  • Specific linguistics or associated language patterns

  • Associated behaviours known as 'surface traits' which are visible to others

Thinking Styles measures:

  • Four Sensory Focused dimensions, exploring the ways you prefer to receive information via your senses

  • Eight People Focused dimensions, exploring the ways you interact with people

  • Fourteen Task Focused dimensions, exploring the ways you relate to tasks and activities at work

The Thinking Styles profile is used in all areas where skill in communication and the need to understand how other people think and learn are critical to success. It is a stepping stone to understanding and learning how to use language effectively to influence and encourage your staff, your students or your colleagues. Learning another person's "language" and using it will make motivating and managing him or her rewarding and enjoyable.

Thinking Styles is used:

  • To develop more creative and dynamic teams

  • In Customer Relationship Management programmes

  • To gently influence others

Thinking Styles plays a vital role in understanding and developing personal cognitive awareness, helping you to identify which thinking style to use to achieve your objectives and how to develop flexibility across the styles.

If you would like to use Thinking Styles within your own organisation, or as part of your own consultancy and training, you can become licensed as an independent Associate. Contact us if you would like more information about becoming accredited to use Thinking Styles, 

If you would like to know more about the tool, please click here to be taken to our separate Thinking Styles web site.


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